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Our political culture too long monopolized by men, so can't and fashion benign compatible, what America laguna, femme fatal, etc., all in all, make politics away from the beautiful. In fact, fashion and politics if mix better or to force. We have numerous well-known clothing, before becoming a trend, first of all, is a kind of taboo. People in the freedom of expression in the body,Coach factory outlet always start with conservative views of breakthrough and resistance.

Sexy guilty In November 1955, a man named bazaar shop opened quietly king street in London. The boss is a welsh girl Mary queen. Because always witness the girl catch the bus embarrassed to wear a long skirt,Coach factory outlet so begin from 1958. Mary queen wants to design a short skirt to changing the situation of the girls. In the summer of 1965, she was trying to cut short skirt to the knee above four inches -- a miniskirt popular the world was born. Miniskirts launched by the beauty of women, the most red star bright bar dot, Catherine denied, even the duchess of Windsor is wearing miniskirts appeared on the dance floor and feast. Fashion magazines so praised the approach Mary queen's job is not cut short so simple, but the perfect creation. She let's her sexy women. Because Coach factory outlet had a huge impact clothing revolution, Mary queen, in 1969 by queen Elizabeth ii.

Nevertheless, conservatives to the emergence of mini skirts are still very angry. Before this, in addition to those who are not honest woman, women's legs are wrapped in layers of dress. Now, some question the bare legs most for dress, can make women in ethics. Wearing bowler hats, suits the British men gathered at the gate of the Mary queen's shop, trying to smash shop Windows, cutting up her skirt. The results backfire, of course, more fashion brand launched a miniskirt, all over the world are under a miniskirt. As for the miniskirt popular secret, Mary queen lifeless outspoken, good taste, and gaudy is life.

When the girls for the miniskirt ban were complained about the boys are for the hoodie ban aggrieved. In 1998, to punish frequent petty criminal offences, the British began to implement the ban antisocial behavior instead of imprisonment. Initially, prohibit antisocial Coach factory outlet mainly constraint people may result in criminal behavior, such as alcohol, such as attend a school. In May 2005, the district court in Manchester for young people at the age of 16 dale carol issued a five-year ban on antisocial behavior, who asked not to wear a hoodie in public wearing a baseball cap, once the violation of the ban, he will face the risk of imprisonment. Coach factory outlet is the first time that Britain's ban on antisocial behavior in dress clothes.

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